Zvolen, Slovakia


The BIOCultivator is a self-sustaining system to help city-dwellers grow their own organic food, right on their balconies. The BIOCultivator design was inspired by the ability of some lizard species living in arid areas to collect water and moisture with their skin.

Learn more at bio-cultivator.com. Along with fellow Launchpad colleagues Team Planet (who developed the Mangrove Still), the team is now part of a recently-awarded European Union Horizons 2020 grant for €10 million that aims to demonstrate and test innovations that close water loops, feed the soil, and promote local economies. Read more about the initiative here.

The BIOcultivator addresses Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (#2), Good Health and Well-Being (#3), Sustainable Cities and Communities (#11), Responsible Consumption and Production (#12), and Climate Action (#13).

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