Atlanta, GA, US


Jose Andrade, Savannah Berry, Kenji Bomar, Muhammad Anmbus Iqbal, Ananya Jain, Sara Thomas Mathew, Heyinn Rho

Full Circle

This team from Georgia Tech wanted to find a more resilient way to harvest renewable energy, so they created a nature-inspired energy generator that produces clean renewable electricity from underwater sea currents. The design was informed by the bell-shaped body of jellyfish, how schools of fish position themselves, how heart valves move liquid, and how kelp blades are adapted to rapidly flowing water and maximize photosynthesis. Their goal is to create a more efficient way to generate power, decreasing cost, and making this approach available to areas vulnerable to electricity shortage.


Full Circle addresses Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy (#7), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (#9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (#11), Responsible Consumption and Production (#12), Climate Action (#13).

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