Quillota, Chile


2016 Ray of Hope Prize winner

A team from the Ceres Regional Center for Fruit and Vegetable Innovation in Chile designed a new way of protecting growing seedlings that emulates the way hardy “nurse” plants establish themselves in degraded soils and pave the way for new plant species to grow. The LifePatch returns vitality to the soil by improving conditions for seedlings and exposing them to a mix of nutrients, is fabricated with natural fibers, and biodegrades after one season. With 25% of the world’s soils degraded, this innovation provides a way to grow and protect new plants and ensure that the soil can be regenerated to feed our growing population.

Learn more at https://www.lifepatch.cl.

Latest updates:

LifePatch has been shortlisted for the 2019 Lush Spring Prize, an annual £200,000 prize fund showcasing projects from around the world that are working towards environmental and social regeneration.

LifePatch addresses Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty (#1), Zero Hunger (#2), Responsible Consumption and Production (#12), Climate Action (#13), and Life On Land (#15).

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