Taichung City, Taiwan


Chia-Hsi Wang, Chien-Hung Lin

Psephurus Air Cleaner Equipment (PACE)

Graduate students at the Tung Hai University developed the Psephurus Air Cleaner Equipment (PACE) to improve air quality in urban environments. Residents of densely populated cities are at greater risk for health issues due to fine particulate matter in the air. In order to make the air quality in outdoor public spaces better, this team created an air-cleaning device that is incorporated into signage on city buildings. These solar-powered signs have filtering mechanisms inspired by marine creatures like salpidae, paddlefish, and peacock worms, and derived their energy strategy from prairie dog burrows, the Saharan silver ant’s light-reflecting capabilities and more.


Psephurus Air Cleaner Equipment (PACE) addresses Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-Being (#3), Sustainable Cities and Communities (#11), Climate Action (#13), Life on Land (#15).

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